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Naomi Campbell's face off with Coco Rocha

Posted on Dec 17, 07:35AM | IANS

Supermodel Naomi Campbell reportedly had a face off with Canadian model Coco Rocha on the sets of their new reality series "The Face".

Both Campbell, 42, and Rocha, 24, are the mentors on the show.

"Naomi doesn't have to have a reason not to like somebody. She just doesn't like certain people," nypost.com quoted a source as saying.

"There were some issues with Coco being on time and Naomi not being on time and Coco getting annoyed. Coco believes in being correct and polite and being on time. She doesn't drink. She's super straight-laced. So it's been a real mess between (Coco and Naomi)," the source added.

Show's host Nigel Barker had to act as a mediator.

"Nigel is the only one who gets along with everyone. He's been left as the host and the referee. You've got three models, all at different stages of their careers and different ages, and they are really not getting along. It's a competition show, and none of them are used to losing."