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Needed a new compact between government, business, society: PM

Posted on Dec 15, 06:38PM | IANS

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday called for a new social compact between government, business and society.

Addressing the Annual General Meeting of industry lobby FICCI, the prime minister said five years ago, while addressing a similar conference of Indian business, he had spelt out a 10-point Social Charter for business and government.

"I do not to wish to repeat those points today but would only say that the corporate sector must own up its responsibility in supporting affirmative action designed to provide employment opportunities for the under-privileged sections, persons with disabilities and our women.

"The time is ripe once again to establishing a new social compact between business, government and society."

He said the private sector should also play a more active role in the areas of research and development (R and D), education and skill development, health and rural development.

"For my part, I assure you that our government will do its best to promote Indian enterprise and the well-being of all our people, working classes and other segments of our society.

"We are committed to a new social compact with industry as well as with labour. This is what our country expects and this is what to which I commit our government to do," said the prime minister.