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Police on alert after terror warning : Officials

Posted on Dec 15, 03:29PM | UNI

Mumbai police have increased vigilance around the city following an Intelligence Bureau alert, warning of the entry of four suspected terrorists into the country through the coast between Gujarat and Mumbai, officers said.

The warning, they said, was passed on to Mumbai police, Indian Navy and Coast Guard on December 4. Since then, cops have been conducting regular checks at hotels and guest houses across the city, combing slums, and conducting nakabandis on main roads and highways.

The enhanced security arrangement will persist at least till the end of this month.

Apart from the general citywide vigilance, the 27 police stations in the coastal belt have been instructed to guard sensitive installations (like the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) in, or close to, seaside areas. "Also high on the watch list are places like Madh Island, Bhaucha Dhakka and Badhwar Park, from where 26/11 gunmen entered the city," said the officer.

Defence officials said "Indian Navy and Coast Guard ships are carrying out regular searches in the sea and providing reports every day.

Mumbai has two coastal police stations, Yellow Gate and Sagari, the latter of which still functions out of residential quarters in Mahim. They together are officially allowed manpower of more than 2,600, but each is short of 600. They were given 27 patrol boats, each 'procured at a cost of about Rs 2 crore." However, a senior police officer pointed out, "Only seven boats are functional. Two are kept on standby and the rest are out of action due to several glitches".