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Leg lift surgery was painful: Sharon Osbourne

Posted on Dec 14, 08:36AM | IANS

Reality TV star Sharon Osbourne has undergone many cosmetic surgeries but for her the most painful procedure of all was having both legs lifted.

The 60-year-old recently underwent a double mastectomy after finding she was at risk of contracting breast cancer.

''The most painful was probably a leg lift. Well I had them both done, not just one," contactmsuic.com quoted Osbourne as saying.

''It's like putting on a pair of socks, when you do this they pull your leg up, cut and resew it. Quite fabulous. I'll tell you what, they wake you up because they want you to start moving around after all this surgery. So they wake you up and I said 'you've sewn my legs together!' It felt like they literally sewed my legs together.

''It was hanging down and I wanted it tight. That hurts, I wouldn't advise it and to pee it's awful when you've had that done. Wicked," she added.