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Nine killed in Iraq violence

Posted on Dec 13, 08:11AM | IANS

At least nine people, including an intelligence officer, were killed and seven injured in bomb and gunfire attacks targeting security personnel in Iraq Wednesday, Xinhua reported.

Two policemen were shot dead by unidentified at a marketplace in the Mosul city's Al- Hadbaa district, 400 km from Baghdad.

In a separate incident, some gunmen stopped a bus carrying passengers in Mosul and shot dead a young man aboard.

As police force reached and exchanged fire with the attackers, the latter fled the scene while killing a policeman, a source said.

In another incident, some gunmen shot dead an intelligence service officer while driving his car in Mahmoudiyah town, some 30 km from Baghdad, said an interior ministry source requesting anonymity.

In central Iraq, two roadside bombs struck a car carrying three soldiers in Abu Ghraib area, some 20 km from Baghdad, killing two of them and wounding the third, a police source said.

Another policeman was killed and two others injured in a roadside explosion near a police patrol in Abu Ghraib.

Four people, two of them off-duty soldiers, were injured in a roadside bomb explosion in the same area.

In Iraq's Salahudin province, a professor was killed afer a sticky bomb attached to his car detonated while he was parking outside the college in Tikrit city, some 170 km from Baghdad, said a police source.