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Education can solve problems: Tarun Gogoi

Posted on Dec 09, 01:54PM | IBNS

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Sunday said education is the way through which problems can be solved in the country, as he addressed the PanIIT Alumni Global Conference 2012 here on the concluding day.

Gogoi joined other eminent personalities in sharing views on the topic: "Building a developed India through excellence and education to bring in transformational and sustainable changes for its people'.

"I feel education s the only way through which we can solve all problems the country," Gogoi said here.

"In spite of Assam and the country having all the natural resources, we are not been to take advantage of it...and other problems we are facing....These can be solved by using latest technologies and utilising human resources," he said.

"In Assam also I am facing unrest...Why unrest is there? It is because there is deprivation," he said.

"If you can get more infrastructure, you can provide better education, shelter, road and medical facility," he said.

Speaking on giving solutions problems faced by the nation, the Chief Minister said: "I do feel that there should be change in facilities and education should change also...We have to study how other countries have developed. But we can't follow all. It has to be a combination of local resources."

"I think for those who belong to marginalised and deprived section of the society, we have to give justice to everyone and provide right type pf education," Gogoi said.

"We want a society where inequality will be less," the Chief Minister said.

Managing Director of Tata Steel B Muthuraman shared his view on education and said: "In my view, there are three purposes of education that includes gathering of knowledge, developing in people some fundamental traits, creating in people an ability to think, imagine and ability to create and innovate."

"One need to design an education system that has all these elements," he said.

Daniella Ballou-Aares, who is the Senior Advisor for Development to the U.S. Secretary of State, presented on the issue- 'Why we need pragmatism and data in policy making'.

The PanIIT Alumni Global conference 2012 started in Kolkata on Friday will ends Dec 9.

The PanIIT Alumni Association was formed in 2002 to gather all graduating IITians from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) since 1955 under one umbrella and engage them in initiatives of common interest.