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Crop disease , a havoc for produce and producer

Posted on Dec 08, 08:32PM | UNI

Economically backward Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh was facing unchecked Ginger Rhizome rot disease since last four decades as crop productions dwindled from about 1,80,000 quintals to just 50,000 quintals per annum.

It has not only taken a heavy toll on its production and area under cultivation but is also ruining the peasantry in the district.

The farmers lament that reduced production has had a direct impact on their livelihood as the crop is completely ruining them sans major success and effective control by the state agriculture department.

The Renuka and Shillai areas of Sirmaur District which once topped in Ginger production and were famous throughout the country and Asia for their good ginger yield were now in the grip of Rhizome-Rot disease since past three decades.

The farmers seeking help from the state government had no reprieve so far as the disease remained uncontrolled.

Terming the political apathy responsible for this neglect, distressed farmers said they had were suffering from the ginger disease for quite a long time now and it has reached epidemic proportions.

They urged the Union Government to extend help for tackling the disease so that they could live honourably.

During 1970's, the farmers of the area were cultivating ginger on 19,800 hectares of land which had sharply come down to only 1,491 hectares now. Its production was 162 quintal per hecatare in the peak days and has now fallen to 95 quintal per hectare.