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NE Theatre person complains

Posted on Dec 07, 03:09PM | UNI

A theatre person from North Eastern Region has lodged a complaint with a city police for allegedly being slapped by a traffic constable when she was questioning a motorcycle rider who hit her car at a traffic signal.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening when she got out of her car to assess the damage caused by the hit from the motorcycle.

Suddenly, the motorcycle rider spoke to her in abusive language and was joined by passers-by.

According to police, when she rushed to a traffic constable for help, he also joined the group and pushed her aside.

She had stated in her complaint that the constable later slapped her when she attempted to stop the motorcycle rider from speeding away.

She had claimed in her complaint the constable also allowed the motorcycle rider to escape.

When the mob which had been heckling her vanished after seeing a police patrol vehicle stopping at the scene, the 32-year-old theatre person later lodged a complaint against the traffic constable at the Basavangudi Police Station.