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Supplementary demand budget tabled in Uttarakhand Assembly

Posted on Dec 05, 07:34PM | UNI

The Supplementary demand budget was today tabled in the Uttarakhand Assembly after the House reassembled at 1600 hrs.

Out of the total budget sought for Rs 2465.12 crore, the planned expenditure sought is Rs 1928.39 crore and unplanned expenditure comes to Rs 5367.29 crore.

The total expenditure sought under the revenue account is Rs 922.11 crore, of which planned expenditure totals around Rs 389.92 crore, while the unplanned is Rs 532.19 crore.

The demand sought under capital account comes to Rs 1543.01 crore of which Rs 1538.47 crore is for planned expenditure, whereas Rs 4.54 crore has been sought under the non-planned expenditure.