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Kolkata gears up for Aussie Fest

Posted on Dec 03, 10:10AM | IBNS

The Australian High Commission on Saturday announced the OZ Fest (Australian Cultural festival) in Kolkata, which will stage the play Sagara Kanyaka:Lady of Sea.

The show is a collaborative theatre and music work between award-winning Indian theatre company Abhinaya Theatre , Australian band Topology and the Brisbane Powerhouse.

"The Australia-India collaborative work is being performed in India for the first time in Bengaluru and then in Kolkata. It is a captivating performance using cinematic visuals and live music," said Australia's High Commissioner to India Peter Varghese.

Brought to life with cinematic projection and live music, Sagara Kanyaka is a meditative and poetic adaptation of master playwright Henrik Ibsen's classic love triangle 'The Lady from the Sea', which delves into the conflicts and confusion implicit in romantic relationships, starring Parvathi T.

But unlike the original play, Abhinaya's director MG Jyotish has used just two characters as lead pair and the lover is signified through three different eyes, which is a dream projection of the lady.

"We made the stranger strange to portray the sense of estrangement between married couples. The play is not social or political, it is more psychological and demands attention as well as seriousness on the part of the audience since it is very slow and not easy to watch," said Jyotish.

Speaking on the theatre as an art form, the director noted," Every stream has main stream and offbeat. Theatre may not appeal to all but if you have 10 audience who are serious, then it is enough."

Said Parvathi,"Any women would identify with the play. It's about how a woman wants to exercise her free will. The play portrays the man as desert and the woman as sea, who is trapped in the dessert."

The 1 hour 40 minutes theatre will be staged on 4th and 5th December at the Science City Auditorium.