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Himachal's Saach Pass closed for traffic

Posted on Nov 28, 02:21PM | IANS

Himachal Pradesh's Saach Pass, the gateway to the adventure tourism destination of picturesque Pangi Valley in Chamba district, has been closed for motorists due to heavy snow, an official said here Wednesday.

It's likely to be reopened in June next year when the snow thaws. The pass, located at an altitude of 14,500 ft, has been officially closed both for the pedestrians and the motorists, the official told IANS.

Residents of the Pangi Valley would have to travel via Jammu and Kashmir, covering a distance of more than 500 km to reach Chamba town.

The pass is the shortest road link between Chamba and the valley.

The idyllic Pangi Valley attracts a number of backpackers, especially foreigners.