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Spirit of India, a confluence of music, spirituality

Posted on Nov 23, 05:43PM | UNI

Renowned Scholar Sadguru Sri K Sivandana Murthy today said with combination of spirituality and music, India attained holiness which cannot be witnessed or experienced elsewhere in the world.

The philosopher and humanist who graced the inaugural ceremony as chief guest for the five-day 'Yuvalayam'-South Indian Youth Music Festival' jointly organised by TTD's Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad (HDPP), SV College of Music and Dance and Andhra Music Academy at Mahati Kalakshetram here, said, 'Spituality is the backbone of India. Music is the quintessence of spirituality', he maintained. He called upon the students hailing from four southern Indian states, who were taking part in this musical fete, to dedicate themselves to learning Carnatic music with emotional bent of mind.

'This is the first time in the country that all the four states of South India are coming together to perfrom on a single platform.

'I ask you all to make use of this rare opportunity. Mere learning music and performing it on the stage for the sake of livelihood or entertainment is not the essence of great Indian carnatic music.

'You should able to pick up the emotional essence behind each kriti with which it was penned by the Vaggeyakaras.

'Music is considered to be the 'Vehicle of Moksha'(salvation) by Vaggeyakaras.

'So dedicate youselves to learning the divine music with utmost devotion, dedication and discipline,' he said.