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Kolkata eatery hosts mutton festival

Posted on Nov 23, 01:38PM | IBNS

Kolkata based restaurant Koshe Kosha on Thursday introduced its first mutton festival, 'Mo-E Mangsho Festival', to entice the taste buds at the onset of winter.

The delicacies range from Sada Keema, Laal Keema, Kochi Pathar Jhol, Dhakai Mangsho, Palong Mangsho, Cholar Dal Mangcho, Mangshor Malaikari, Gandharaj Mangsho, Radhuni Mangsho to Koshe Kosha signature dish Kosha Mangsho.

The festival will continue from Dec 1 to 31, and depending on the responses, the dishes will be incorporated in the routine menu.

"The idea to have this month-long Mo-E Mangsho Festival was to pay true homage to the mutton legacy of Bengal. We have thus reinvented these items keeping the old recipes in mind," said Partner of Koshe Kosha Arunabha Das Sharma.

The 38-seater restaurant is adorned with coir mat covered chairs and tables, earthen pots and pans, along with Bengali music playing in the background, to give a sneak peek into the rural Bengal in the highly urbanized city.

"We have tried to compliment the food with the decor," said Founding Partner of Koshe Kosha Arunima Paul.

In a time when people are more conscious about in-taking oil free food, the restaurant has launched the festival of keemas and manghsho.

Said Paul, "Our USP is that we have a slow cooking process, where the dishes are prepared on the water that comes off onion and tomato. No extra water is added, plus we have a fixed dealer who supplies gram fed goats, which helps in avoiding cholesterol."

The festival also marks the first anniversary of the food joint located at Golpark.

"We plan to open more small joints across the city and on the outskirts. But our main aim is to go global," said Paul.