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Mamata Banerjee ridiculed for failed attempt to bring no confidence

Posted on Nov 22, 09:41PM | UNI

Ridiculing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her failed attempt to bring a no confidence motion against the UPA Government the Opposition Left Front today said all that happened was 'laughable.'

"She went from door to door seeking support for her no confidence motion. But nobody has confidence in her," Leader of the Opposition and CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Surjya kanta Mishra said.

Her comment came hours after Speaker Meira Kumar rejected the Trinamool Congress plea to admit the motion in Parliament.

"It is laughable that everybody except she knew the motion would not be admitted," Mr Mishra said.

Any no confidence motion needs the support of at least 50 members to be admitted and moved in the House.

Ms Banerjee's party sought to bring the motion in protest against the policies, including the decision to invite FDI in retail, of the Manmohan Singh Government.

Left Front Chairman Biman Basu said it was well known to 'those who are sensible' that the move would not succeed because several parties, even those who were opposed to FDI, did not want the Government to collapse.

He said the it was the Left parties who did the 'sensible' thing by submitting a notice for discussions under Rule 184 in the Lok Sabha against inviting FDI in multi-brand retail and that was the 'most pragmatic' move in the current political situation.