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Opening day of Parliament's winter session disrupted

Posted on Nov 22, 09:24PM | UNI

The opening day of the winter session of Parliament saw numerous adjournments of both the Houses before proceedings were called off till tomorrow.

The House of the People witnessed four adjournments and the Council of States two.

Trinamool Congress members created pandemonium in the Lok Sabha over the issue of the Government's decision to allow FDI in multi-brand retail sector and Samajwadi Party members staged a protest seeking an increase in the quota of LPG cylinders in Uttar Pradesh.

The Lower House was adjourned first till noon, then till 1230 hrs, 1400 hrs and finally for the day.

As soon as the House met at 1400 hrs, AITC and SP members trooped into the Well and started raising slogans.

They were joined by BSP members who raised their demand for the dismissal of the Uttar Pradesh Government over what they called deteriorating law and order in the state.

All appeals of Karia Munda, who was in the Chair, fell on deaf ears following which he adjourned the House till tomorrow.

Earlier, the House saw three adjourments before this on the same issues.