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Kasab first foreigner to be hanged in India

Posted on Nov 21, 07:28PM | IANS

Ajmal Amir Kasab is the first non-Indian to be hanged in post-independent India.

"Only 55 people have been executed in India since independence. And as far as I can recollect, no one among them was a foreigner," Supreme Court lawyer K.T.S. Tulsi told IANS.

Are there any specific laws concerning the execution of foreigners in India?

"There is no special law. Kasab committed a crime in India. He crossed illegally into Indian territory and committed a most heinous crime. What is more, Pakistan has disowned him. There is nobody from his family too who has come to claim his body," added Tulsi.

Kasab was hanged at Pune's Yerawada prison Wednesday morning.