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Vice President releases "Seven Social Sins "

Posted on Nov 21, 10:19AM | IBNS

Indian Vice President M Hamid Ansari Tuesday released a book entitled 'Seven Social Sins: the Contemporary Relevance' by former Director NCERT Prof. J S Rajput.

Speaking at the launch, Ansari said that conscience is motivated by considerations of humanity and sacrifice to develop a moral character that holds aloft in its work the banner of a principled approach.

"The reverse would be selfishness inducing an unprincipled, opportunistic, approach to work. The latter would produce neither justice nor humaneness," he said.

Ansari said that on this thesis, the choice would be clear if the human being is a moral creature having a sense of right and wrong in his individual and group conduct.

Ansari said that the title of Professor Rajput's book refers to the seven social sins Mahatma Gandhi cited in 'Young India' on Oct 22, 1925 - Politics without principles, Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience.