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Narayanan expresses unhappiness over standard of edu in Univ

Posted on Nov 20, 10:22PM | UNI

West Bengal Governor and Chancellor of Vidyasagar University M K Narayanan today expressed his unhappiness over the present standard of higher education in this state.

"I see a lot of difference between claims made by the vice-chancellors of universities and their final outcome.

Every VC in their convocation report claims that their university is producing the highest number of educated young people and also quite a good number of research papers. What is highlighted is quantity not quality." he said while addressing the 16th Convocation of the university in Midnapore.

Professor Gobardhan Mehta, National Research Professor and Lily-Jubilant Chair Professor, University of Hyderabad in his address as the guest-in-Chief said he is one with the Chancellor's view as most of the universities even in this country are not objective in their self-assessment.

"Everything is not going well in the universities. Ground realities are mostly different so far as self assessment of the universities are concerned." Mr Mehta said.

He sees a difference between India and Bharat of today and expects younger educated people coming fresh from the universities to close this divide.

"At one end India has the third largest number of billionaires and at the other end majority of the poor people lives here. We have largest number of English speaking population at one end and on the other also most illiterates," he observed.