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CPM will not move a no-confidence motion on FDI in parliament

Posted on Nov 17, 10:29PM | UNI

The CPI(M) will not move a no confidence motion against the government, but push for a vote on the issue of FDI in retail sector in the coming session of parliament, party's politburo member Sitaram Yechury said here today.

Talking to newspersons, Mr Yechury said the CPI(M) did not want to move the no confidence motion because if it failed then that becomes a licence for the rest of the tenure of the government to say 'the Parliament has endorsed all that we are doing. Now that sort of a clean certificate we dont want to give.' He said his party wanted the opinion of the House to be taken by the government before they go ahead with the implementation of FDI in retail sector.

He said his party had given notice and wanted to press for the vote. Mr Yechury said they appealed to every body to join in this voting.

On 2G scam, Mr Yechury said, '2G spectrum auction at this point could not be compared to the 2G Spectrum auction in 2008.' Today the 3G and the 4G was coming and the demand for 2G in 2008 was entirely different when there were 300 million subscribers.

Mr Yechury said both the government and corporates had a vested interest in keeping the auction bids low.

He said the government wanted to show that there were no great scams and the corporates were told by the government that this auction prices would determine what they will have to pay for the extra 2G bandwidth they are already holding.

'How much they will have to pay will be determined by this auction. So naturally they want the auction price to be low in their own interest. The govt wants it to be low for their propaganda. So there is a big collusion between them," Mr Yechurry stated.

The CPI(M) leader said while in 2008 the government got around Rs 9000 crores for 122 circles in this auction more than Rs9000 crores was received for 22 circles. It showed there was a scam, he said.