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RSS terms tirade againsat Mamata as 'unjustified'

Posted on Nov 17, 10:28PM | UNI

The RSS has said the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the media are on an overdrive to condemn Mamata on the recent incident of police firing in West Bengal.

'It has been just a little over a year since Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister of West Bengal. The tirade against her is unjustified as she should be given her time, if not support,' the RSS said in its mouthpiece Organiser.

It further said, 'the CPI(M) ruled the state for 34 years. Under them, West Bengal lost its advantage in all the sectors. The social fabric was torn to shreds by their party politics. Today the state has the dubious reputation that was once enjoyed by the BIMARU states.' It added that the Marxists are crying over an incident of police firing, forgetting their own track record on Nandigram.

The RSS mouth organ also alleged that Uttar Pradesh is witnessing "criminal governance".

Strongly advocating that Mamata deserves political support and a little patience from all, the RSS further said, 'she inherited an empty coffer, a corroded industry and a society that had been suppressed by the red cadre terror.'