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Sonnet hosts 'Edible Flower Food Festival'

Posted on Nov 17, 03:05PM | IBNS

Hotel The Sonnet on Friday launched 'The Edible Flower Food Festival' in Kolkata, for the health conscious clientele consisting of cuisines made from flower extracts and other organic herbs.

Corporate Chef Niladri Chakraborty said,"Being an Eco-friendly hotel, The Sonnet always gives the environment and health of our guest top priority."

"We had lots of rich food on offering during the Puja period and with Christmas coming around, there will be a lot of calorie intake, so I thought to launch the entire cuisine with a holistic diet that will purify our digestive system and detoxify our mind and body," he said.

The menu comprises of casserole of bacon wrapped prawn in orange juice with watercress (fresh tiger prawns wrapped with thin streaky bacon simmered with watercress infused orange juice), herb infused fresh fruit salad with cinnamon and rose extraction (fresh fruit cuts flavoured assorted green herbs, served with cinnamon and rose extraction), braised chicken salad with grape juice and fresh lily (chicken breast braised with grape Juice and tossed with honey and fresh lily to give it a sweet flavour) among others.

In the spice section, there are chives and sumac infused sea bass poached in citrus cilantro juice or lemon flavoured cilantro sauce with sumac powder, while in the dessert section there is watermelon ice cream with just the ice but no cream.

The soft drinks are as well kept healthy ensuring zero fat intake, with the offerings like apple colada and citrus berry cooler.

The Chef has ensured that all rich edible flowers are used in the cuisine, such as blossoms from basil, chive, banana, fennel clover, mint, passion flower, rosemary, sage, theme and lilac, informed Chakraborty.

He said, "The assortment of the flowers not only serves the purpose of garnishing and aids in adding to the novel theme, but has medicinal value as well, like the chive, blossoms and purple flowers provide vitamin C along with minerals such as iron and sulphur that prevent anaemia."

The festival is a three-day affair starting from Nov 23.

"Guests can even prepare these at homes. It would take some time to collect the herbs and cook. But if they take it more often, they'll live longer," asserted Chakraborty.