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Imran Khan meets Bihar Chief Minister:Release

Posted on Nov 14, 09:54PM | UNI

Renowned former cricketer and currently Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party leader Imran Khan met Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in a picturesque green meadow on the scenic Banigalla locality in the suburbs of Islamabad yesterday, according to a release issued here.

Important leaders of Tehreek-e-Insaf Party, elites from Islamabad, including intellectuals and high ranking former bureaucrats, had an interaction with Mr Kumar, who is heading a delegation to Pakistan from Bihar.

During the meeting, Mr Kumar highlighted the improvement brought about in Bihar during his regime through his mission of sushashan (good governance).

Mr Kumar while interacting with them faced volley of questions related to various aspects of developmental changes and the ways found to meet the challenges in this process.

While replying to the queries, the CM narrated the achievements in the area of restoration of rule of law, speedy trials, filling up of large number of vacancies in police and innovative initiatives like publishing the names of convicts on a website known as 'Civil Consequences of crime'.

He also highlighted successful initiatives for empowering women by giving them reservations in local bodies elections, providing bicycles and uniforms to girl students in the state. He said an effective citizens' grievances redressal system had been put in place and information under RTI has been made available through a telephone call centre in Bihar.

Mr Kumar also elaborated the steps taken to curb corruption, a most vexed issue.

In this context, he explained in detail about declaration of assets on websites by the CM, Ministers, legislators and Officers as well as non-gazetted employees.

The revelation about attachment of properties of corrupt babus and subsequent opening of schools for underprivileged children in such houses was met with wide applause as the people in Pakistan found it to be one of the noble way to curb corruption.

The release further said some of the people while interacting with Mr Kumar made comments though in lighter vein regarding the problems being faced by Pakistan and equated them with that of the existing issues in Bihar. To this, Mr Kumar shared his viewpoints and modus operandi to tackle these problems.