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16 categories of MNREGA works classified

Posted on Nov 14, 04:33PM | UNI

The Centre has released a list of permissible works under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Most of the new works made permissible by the Centre now are already being ensured in Madhya Pradesh through various sub-plans. In view of geographical conditions of the state, directives are being chalked out at the state-level implementation of new works for which directives do not exit.

The 16 categories under which MNREGA works permissible as per the list released by the Union Rural Development Department include water conservation and collection, afforestation, plantation, works to prevent drought, minor irrigation, irrigation canals and facility and horticulture plantation.

Other permissible works include land development and irrigation on IEL private land, de-silting from lakebeds, renovation of traditional water sources, land development, flood control, rural link roads, agricultural works pertaining to BNRGS, animal husbandry-related works, fisheries-related works, seashore works, rural drinking water and rural sanitation, an official release said.

New work categories have been classified and new works included therein with a view to further boosting agricultural and rural livelihood activities and develop clean and healthy atmosphere for rural people by ensuring balance in rural environment.

MNREGA Commissioner Ravindra Pastor has directed all the district collectors, district programme coordinators, CEOs and additional district programme coordinators to prepare shelf off projects for the works, which can be taken up under MNREGA. Mr Pastor has also directed to prepare labour budgets incorporating details of MNREGA works as MIS certificate.