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Gai Gohari fest

Posted on Nov 13, 09:50PM | UNI

The unique Gai Gohari festival, to commemorate the mythical lifting of Govardhan hill by Lord Krishna, is traditionally celebrated with gaiety and fervour the day after the Festival of Lights in this tribal-dominated District.

The celebrations will commence at 1600 hrs at the Govardhannath temple here.

A cow dung replica of Govardhan hill shall be worshipped in the shrine's premises. Cowherds bring their colourfully decked-up bovines, which are also worshipped. Five circumambulations of the temple take place with the cows leading the way followed by men and women who sing and scatter rice.

Forest-dwellers and those seeking boons prostrate themselves in front of the bovines that are made to pass over them. It is believed that when the cow's hoof touches the prostrated person his or her sins are washed away and ailments cured.

Until some years back, a large quantity of fireworks were burst and that made the cows run but the administration banned bursting of crackers to prevent any mishap.