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Event to showcase 'Mummy' in city on Nov 21

Posted on Nov 13, 09:41PM | UNI

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sanghralaya (CSMVS) is giving Mumbaikars a chance to see the 'Mummy' of Nesperennub, a priest whose body was discovered in Luxor, southern Egypt in the 1890s.

The 'Mummy' is one of the most prized exhibits of the British Museum.

An online tour titled 'Mummy: the Inside Story' is conducted by the British Museum, where the mummy is looked at with the help of CT scans and X-rays instead of opening the case and unwrapping the dead body for analysis. The online tour has a virtual reality film and an exhibition showcasing the rare mummy, which has never been opened since it was embalmed approximately three thousand years ago.

Mumbaikars will get a chance to see the 'Mummy' of Nesperennub during the 'Mummy the Inside Story' event at CSMVS that opens on November 21 and will throw light on the process of mummification and the rituals and practices followed in ancient Egypt.

Besides this, workshops and demonstrations have been planned for children, which will be conducted till March 2013. Some of these workshops include decoding hieroglyphs, art appreciation and understanding the Egyptian concept of afterlife.