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Ruling NC treating Srinagar as bonded territory, alleges Mufti

Posted on Nov 12, 08:15AM | UNI

Alleging that ruling National Conference (NC) has been treating capital Srinagar as a bonded territory, the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) urged residents to wake up to infrastructure disaster before it is too late.

Addressing workers' meeting at Balhama in Sonwar constituency, the PDP president Mufti Mohammd Sayeed alleged that NC has been treating Srinagar as a bonded territory and a ladder to luxuries of power.

He said no transformation of the historic city was possible till the NC enjoyed a free run in elections in Srinagar facilitated by poll boycott.

Citing the data available in public domain, Mr Sayeed said the share of Srinagar District had got reduced from 5.83 per cent in 2006-07 to 3.29 per cent in 2012-13 within the District Plan of the State.

Srinagar is crumbling as, he said as the infrastructure development was not at all keeping pace with the pressures of increasing urbanisation and tourist inflow.

He said 95 per cent of Srinagar dwellings are unplanned leading to choking and other social problems with the government busy only in compromises for its survival.

He added that the city was turning into a virtual slum.

Mr Sayeed said only last year the government had diverted funds amounting to Rs 48 crore under Central Road Fund (CRF) and none of the legislators had even raised the issue, not to speak of the Chief Minister who actually ordered it as minister-incharge of Roads and Buldings (R and B).

He said though the ten legislators from Srinagar and Ganderbal districts were crucial to NC's survival in power, he said, adding but the party had taken the residents of these constituencies for granted, considering that there would always be a boycott in elections and they could run away with results in their favour.

He said it was for the people to ponder over this situation and decide whether this situation should be allowed to perpetuate at the cost of their interests.

He said the legislators and MP from Srinagar were paying only lip service to the city without any contribution to its growth on modern lines.