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New model of R and D needed: Jaipal Reddy

Posted on Nov 08, 08:47PM | IANS

Science and Technology Minister Jaipal Reddy Thursday said a new model for research was needed to build relations between industry and academia.

"Current models for interaction between our knowledge institutions and industry are based on transactions where money is exchanged for knowledge in the form of end-technology. Transactional interactions have not built strong ties and lasting relationships," Reddy said, after launching the Prime Minister's Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research.

"What we need is a new model built on sustainable relationships between our researchers, technologists and end users in manufacturing, agriculture and service sectors. This relationship should be built on the principle of trust and mutual respect for each other," he said.

Under the Prime Minister's Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research scheme, 100 fellowships will be granted every year, for a maximum period of four years and a grant of Rs.6 lakh.

The fellowships will be given to registered PhD students in recognised universities.