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Man slaps air hostess on Indigo flight

Posted on Nov 08, 12:21PM | IBNS

A passenger on board a Mumbai-Delhi Indigo flight turned violent mid-air on Wednesday, started shouting slogans and threatened to harm the aircraft.

Reports said the passengers and the cabin crew of flight 6E 196 pinned him down after he slapped an air hostess and stopped him from making a dash to the cockpit.

The accused has been identified as Murtaleen Sheikh, 41, a second hand car dealer from Mumbai.

The aircraft made a quick descent to Delhi after seeking priority landing.

Sheikh was handed over to the police soon after the aircraft landed in Delhi.

"This unruly passenger started screaming and shouting and also physically assaulted a crew member on board. He also got violent with other passengers and tried to access the forward of the aircraft," said Indigo in a statement.