Saturday, 30 May 2020

When Vikram Phadnis was questioned by the security

Heard of a Grande Finale where the finale designer having Katrina Kaif as his showstopper and stopped by the event's security guard.

Now hear this..

It was yesterday, 22nd January at Mahalaxmi Turf Club. The race course witnessed the Grande Finale of Gitanjali Luxury Fest 2009. The show kick started with the collection of Rocky S and ended by show casting the bridal collection by Vikram Phadnis.

It so happened that we reached the venue early around 6.00 p.m. and were standing at the main entrance. Vikram came out of his car, sporting a green tee and blue jeans and started walking towards the main entrance. Walking next to him was his assistant carrying Vikram’s clothes. But out of the blue, the security guards blocked Vikram’s way and questioned him were he was going.

The Hostess sitting at the registration counter very stunned on what they were seeing. One of them said, “We saw Vikram convincing the security that he was a big-time designer and had his show here tonight. Unfortunately the security were in no mood to believe him”.

Finally one of the Hostess got up and told the security guard that Vikram was a very big designer and had his Grande Finale here, with Katrina Kaif as his show stopper. Finally the security let Vikram go.

Vikram did come back and thanked the Hostess they say. We spoke to the security who confirmed the news saying, “Yes it was our fault. We didn’t know he was Vikram Phadnis. We didn’t even know he has such a big designer. We had never heard of him also.”

The Hostess said that Vikram was very polite and gentle in his talks. He did not create any fuss about what the security told him.

But we think it was a different situation altogether. Obviously nobody wants to create unnecessary fuss and attract media towards it making a fool of themselves in their own shows. Vikram might have shown only one side of his character but who knows what he must be thinking or even cursing the security guards as one of them did say-“I don’t know who he is, never heard of him also”.

We know Vikram, it hurts.

(SAMPURN | 12 years ago)