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Fur: Coming Back To The Fashion Circuit Once Again!

November 26, 2010 : High society people are known to be obsessed with fur since time immemorial. There was a time when buying an expensive piece of fur was supposed to be quite an event in the family and was akin to buying an expensive piece of jewelery.

However the mid 1980's and 90's saw quite a stir against the use of fur and was totally objected by activists of nature.

With time, the situations and the thought process of society at large seems to have changed. Thus fur is slowly but steadily creeping its way back into the fashion circuit once again.

Reports pouring in from several quarters suggest that many top international fashion houses are in the lead with an amazing sale of the best quality fur coats and other varieties of woolens almost sold out for the coming winter season.

There was a time when having a mink collared over coat and fox cuffs were the epitome of high fashion. But gone are those stringent days. These days there are almost any variety of fashion accessories are available in the most desirable fur, some also available in very bright shades. The variety that is spread in the fur segment is available with coyote vests, tops, purses and other knick knacks too.

To go by some tabloid reports, the high fashion store Fendi had ordered for some high fashion coats in chinchilla and fox fur from the Italian luxury brand's high fashion stores early this year out of which almost all of the expensive fur coats have been sold out.

However, the experiment with color has not reached the coats section as the demand is still high for the black and the white furs which always spells the highest fashion quotient.

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Fur: Coming Back To The Fashion Circuit Once Again!

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