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China cannot displease Pak on Masood Azhar issue: Defence Experts

New Delhi , October 31 : A day after China hinted at blocking resolution declaring Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar, defence experts on Tuesday said that Beijing is trying to please Pakistan.

Speaking to ANI, defence expert Praful Bakshi said: "China cannot displease Pakistan. China refuses to declare Masood as terrorist, which even both America and France have supported."

He further said that India should not depend on China's stance on Azhar and take its own action.

"India must know where China stands. We must take our own action and not depend on work of other countries. We should be totally independent and work in our own interest," he added.

Another defence expert, Kamal Mitra Chinoy said that China is using Masood Azhar to help Pakistan put pressure on India.

"This is an old game that China has been playing and they always try to plea Pakistan because they want Pakistani Army to accept China as its big brother..India is strong enough to defend its border," he told ANI.

China on Monday once again made it clear that it will continue to block India on Pakistan-based terror group chief citing disagreements in the United Nations Committee related to terrorism issues in this particular case.

"We have elaborated on China's position many times at request. The relevant Security Council resolutions have clear stipulations on the mandate of the 1267 Committee and explicit requirements for the listing criteria of terrorist organizations or individuals," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying told the reporters during a press conference in Beijing.

"China always maintains that on the listing matter, the 1267 Committee shall uphold the principle of objectivity, impartiality and professionalism and make its decisions by borad consensus among its members on the basis of solid evidence," Hua added.

In August, China extended by three months a block it had put on the proposal to list Azhar as a global terrorist after obstructing the move in February. The block is due to expire on Thursday.

"We have made our position clear many times from this podium. The relevant resolutions of Security Council have clear stipulations as to the mandate of 1267 Committee and also clear stipulations when it comes to the listing of relevant organisations and individuals," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying told a media briefing in Beijing.

The Chinese spokesperson made it clear that they had proposed the technical hold so that more time was given to the committee for deliberations and to all relevant parties for further consultations.

Earlier in June, China insisted that India provide "solid evidence" against the Jaish-e-Mohammed chief.

However, India's permanent representative to the United Nation, last month said that India will not sit idle till Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief is brought to justice

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China cannot displease Pak on Masood Azhar issue: Defence Experts

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