• Sunday, 08 December 2019

Congratulations to Team Tarukino on an Unbroken String of Cannabis #1 Hits

SEATTLE: Tarukino Holdings CEO Howard Lee is pleased to recognize the Tarukino team for not just one, but two Number One products. "Our crew's delivery of cannabis innovation and category-leading sales in less than a year is nothing short of phenomenal. This is a runway for our outstanding follow-on products."

Tarukino's Happy Apple celebrates its 25th consecutive week as the #1 cannabis beverage in Washington.

"Happy Apple is such a crowd pleaser" cite representatives from a leading cannabis shop in the Seattle area. "People come in, I suggest they try it, they split one, and a couple days later, they come back and buy four or five!"

Happy Apple is available in a 12-ounce bottle and contains 10 mg of THC and Velvet Swing has 100 mg of THC and 33 mg of CBD in a 13 ml.

Another Tarukino winner, Velvet Swing, continues to occupy the #1 cannabis lubricant in Washington sales position since its introduction.

A leading retailer remarked: "We've discontinued selling other intimate lubricants because Velvet Swing is superior, it is our only latex- and condom-safe cannabis lubricant, it has no pot smell and that is equally impressive as a sales benefit to our patients and customers. Many of our repeat customers that identify as women enthusiastically report better orgasms when using Velvet Swing. Sold!" Velvet Swing has set a high bar, making other lubricants obsolete.

Both Happy Apple and Velvet Swing are powered by Tarukino's SōRSE, an advanced cannabis emulsion that delivers an unprecedented degree of versatility in infusing foods, liquids, and topicals. It allows precise and consistent dosing free of any cannabis odor or taste. In addition, particularly when added to liquids, users typically report much shorter time periods between ingestion and the onset of effects.

Tarukino is a product development, investment and incubation entity focused on scientific process innovation and invention. The entity supports a growing portfolio of brands and staffed by an expert corps of seasoned and vibrant executives, scientists, marketers, sales, and logistics professionals, who are dedicated to excellence and artisanal product delivery. Tarukino is licensed to operate in Washington State and expanding into California and Oregon.

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Congratulations to Team Tarukino on an Unbroken String of Cannabis #1 Hits

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