• Monday, 09 December 2019

Cannabis Social Network and 1871 Tech Incubator Company Kannatopia is Live

CHICAGO: Kannatopia, a social network for modern and medical cannabists, is pleased to announce our recently launched Web application. Visit https://kannatopia.com to sign up now.

On traditional social media we share our life experiences with comfort. Kannatopia aims to bring that same ability to connect and share our experiences with other cannabists who are 21 years and older, in an environment that is free from social stigmas or stereotypes. It is "Your" community to connect, socialize, experience, share, learn and explore with others who have similar interests. Specific features like community guides, recommendations and a tool to manage your experiences with specific products are at the core of the Kannatopia platform. For cannabis businesses and brands there is no more fear of having their social accounts shut down and they can finally have a proper place to represent themselves.

Our mission at Kannatopia is a simple one. We want to put an end to social stigmas and stereotypes that exist for medical patients and adult recreational consumers. Our vision is to "Connect the Cannabis World", elevate experiences and allow Cannabis enthusiasts to explore in a friendly way that gives value to them in their everyday life.

Kannatopia is an 1871 Tech Incubator company. Visit https://kannatopia.com to learn more! Our iOS and Android applications will be released fall of 2017.

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Cannabis Social Network and 1871 Tech Incubator Company Kannatopia is Live

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