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Preparing Your Home for the Worst During National Emergency Preparedness Month

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., Sept. 20, 2017 : Gold Medal Service, a BBB A+ rated heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical service company that services more than 125,000 homeowners throughout New Jersey, is reminding homeowners that September is National Emergency Preparedness month. It is important to have your home prepared for emergencies that can occur throughout the Garden State.

"With the five year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and all of the severe weather that has been in the news lately, New Jersey homeowners need to remember the importance of preparing your home," said Joe Todaro, Director of Operations of Gold Medal Service. "Many people see signs of potential water damage and delay repairs, which could lead to so many more issues, especially in an event like a hurricane. Besides potential water damage, protecting power and home safety systems is paramount when preparing for emergencies."

While it is important to be prepared year-round, it is especially true for hurricane and storm season that ends Nov. 30 in New Jersey. A storm can cause electrical outages, flooding, and water damage to your home itself as well as your systems and belongings. Gold Medal Service offers homeowners several ways to be prepared to weather a storm or severe weather conditions:

Waterproofing - Being below ground level, basements are most susceptible to water issues. Gold Medal Service offers several different options for waterproofing and protecting your basement. Pump systems, waterproof sprays and interior drainage systems, are all examples of ways to help you prepare for the next emergency.

Generator installation and inspection - Power outages are more than an inconvenience - they represent a real safety issue for your family. A backup generator can provide power for the home in case disaster strikes. Professional installation and periodic inspections will ensure that your home has power even when the lights go out.

Heating and vent inspection - Make sure the flues and vents throughout your heating systems are clean and clear of debris. Blocked vents can cause a dangerous carbon monoxide build up in your home. If you are unsure how to check these, a professional inspection is quick and inexpensive, and will eliminate concern.

Alarm installation and inspection - Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are a must - they save lives. It is always critical to ensure the alarms in your home are properly installed, inspected, and have fresh batteries, in order to provide the required protection.

Being prepared goes beyond having your home's systems ready. Some emergency preparedness tips for the family are:
•Have a plan in place to ensure your family has water, flashlights, extra food, and a few other necessities.
•Something as simple as a solar charger for a cell phone can be a lifesaver allowing you to receive much needed information.
•A battery powered radio is also a good backup way to stay informed.
•Know your city's emergency shelters.
•Review your insurance policies for adequate coverage.
•Practice what your family will do in the event of an emergency.

"We encourage our clients to have their home assessed to be sure they are ready for whatever may come their way," Todaro said. "Preventing damage to your home before a storm is much more cost-effective than paying for costly repairs afterwards - and is a lot less stressful. Gold Medal strives to help customers by getting them prepared before, rather than after the storm."

Gold Medal Service covers almost the entire state of New Jersey, helping homeowners and businesses prepare for the worst, so they don't have to experience the worst.

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