Thursday, 28 May 2020

'I've started writing it': Lady Gag teases new album

Washington D.C. [USA], August 30 : Little Monsters, rejoice! Lady Gaga is all set to come with her new album really soon.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 31-year-old-singer has already started writing new music and has a lot of different ideas that she wants to try.

She said, "I've started writing. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create, so you'll see in a bit. I need some time to create."

Gaga's also known to unveil still-unreleased songs like 'Princess Die' and 'Living on the Radio' in concert, though she admits the current tour will see fewer setlist changes than previous concerts.

Having hinted earlier this year that new music would "absolutely" play a role in the Joanne World Tour cycle, she assured, "That's not to say I won't do songs here or there that I can call during the show. But, this show's actually extremely complex and complicated, and the stage is coded with a computer. It's intense and the cues all have to be met at a particular time. It's high stress and tense backstage to make sure everything happens at the exact moment it's supposed to. So, the setlist might change a little bit, but mostly you're coming to see a piece that we've created for you."

"It's two hours and fifteen minutes we've thought about very closely. It's from our heart, and it's from a band, dancers, artists, and everyone we've worked with in the 10 years we have behind us together," she added.

The 'You n I' is perhaps the most appropriate pop star to work with Verizon on the endeavor, as she's largely come to redefine the word "loyalty" when it comes to the relationship she has with her fans.

She explained, "What has bonded Little Monsters and I together, since the beginning, is spreading a message of love and unity and acceptance to the world, so as the years have gone by, we've all grown up and changed, but it's our values that stay the same."

"It keeps us strong. No matter what happens in our lives, in my life, the world, we always have that common ground and value system that we care about. The Joanne World Tour so far has been really exciting for a lot of reasons, mostly to reunite with my fan base and feel that love they bring every night, and I pray that multiplies," Gaga concluded.

(ANI | 3 years ago)