Monday, 01 Jun 2020

Sierra Leone mudslides claim over 500 lives, leave nearly 800 missing

Freetown [Sierra Leone], August 25: The head of Sierra Leone's disaster response of the Office of National Security, Ishmael Tarawalie, has confirmed that at least 500 people have lost their lives from the devastating mudslides in Sierra Leone.

In addition, the number of people officially reported missing in Sierra Leone, following last week's mudslide and floods in Freetown, has jumped from 600 to at least 810, Anadolu News reported.

Office of National Security has revealed that out of the 493 bodies recovered since the August 14 mudslide, 157 were children's. The figures also showed that out of 5,905 people affected by the mudslides, 2,607 are children.

"We are grateful to the countries around the world including our neighbours for providing cash support, food, and medicine to help in the response. In 45 days time, 52 houses will also be provided for some affected people whilst more support is being coordinated," Tarawalie told the country's national broadcaster SLBC.

Israel was the first country to extend assistance to disaster-hit Sierra Leone by delivering food aid for 10,000 meals.

Following which, Nigeria provided $1 million as well as medical and relief items. Other countries such as Ghana, Togo, Guinea, Senegal, Liberia, Morocco and Ivory Coast have also donated money, food and various items of relief.

The Commonwealth and the African Union also offered condolences to the people of Sierra Leone and promised to support the country.

The Red Cross said torrential rains caused mudslides and transformed city streets into fast-moving rivers of muddy water, washing away everything in their path.

(ANI | 3 years ago)