Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

Generation Gap For 'Sarvagunn Sampanna'

August 27, 2010 : The queen of Indian Tele - Series, Ekta Kapoor is presently busy working on several generation leaps in her shows. This 'leap'was evident in the serial 'Tere Liye' and was welcomed by viewers, however, one ponders, what the outcome would be once, 'Bandini' (features on Imagine) take an 18 year leap!

Now it is heard that the Imagine show 'Sarvagunn Sampanna' is also heading for a generation leap.

A source claims that this show is going to take a 5 year leap. The character of Swara is played by Pooja Bose while Aditya is played by Mujtaba Ali Khan. Swara misbehaves with the latter and Aditya goes back to his folks.

After a leap of five years it would be shown that Swara is the mother of a baby girl. It is also shown that she leaves the new born child at the Deshmukh house. The kid will be raised by Aditya with his family. Swara will be shown heading and managing a Dancing Academy. It is also revealed that the new man in her life would also be shown.

In the Deshmukh house, the audiences would get to hear that Ragini (aka Sangeeta Kapure) will continue with her scheming deeds while Deepti (aka Tanvi Thakkar) will become a working woman, which would bring out the difference in her married life.

Pooja Bose remained unavailable even after contact attempts.

(SAMPURN | 10 years ago)