• Saturday, 18 January 2020

Sanobar: More talks; less work

Sanobar, the girl who got a name and fame in just one single item number, 'Mere Berry ki Ber', has totally vanished nowadays.

Many had said that she will do wonders and will reach heights. We say she did do wonders and also reached such heights that now nobody can see her nowadays.

At the premier of the English movie Wanted, we caught hold of her (for a change).

She was accompanied with one of her firang friend (she was a girl, so chill). We overheard Sanobar saying that she is so much involved in work nowadays, that she hardly gets time to eat.

This caught our ears because if she is working then where is the result. She was also heard saying that she is being cast by a very big banner for a big budgeted movie. She continued saying, although her role in the movie is very short.

Hmmm, expected from you Sanobar!

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Sanobar: More talks; less work

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