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I also like to hear my mom scolding at me whenever I get wet in rains - Amruta Khanvilkar

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An extract of an interview with Amruta Khanvilkar by Rajnee Gupta.

Q. Do you like rainy season?
A. I just love monsoons.

Q. Whatís the one thing you love the most about monsoon?
A. Rain cleans our nature and motherland making it very beautiful. I also like to hear my mom scolding at me whenever I get wet in rains. I have heard a lot of momís scolding during my college days.

Q. Whatís the one thing you hate about this season?
A. We all are aware of the consequences associated with heavy rainfall. But I think we all are responsible for this. Whenever Mother Nature harms us we all blame her but when we harm Mother Nature then nobody says anything.

Q. What do you miss the most watching the heavenly shower?
A. Maybe nothing. I just pray to God that monsoon always show itís beautiful side rather then disastrous one.

Q. How do you like to spend your day when itís raining heavily?
A. Normally, I prefer to stay back at my home during heavy rains and take a nap. I also like to watch a good movie lying on a warm cot.

Q. Rain has always been associated with romance. Whatís your opinion on the same?
A. I too believe in it. One can only relate monsoon with romance and not summer season since during summers it even becomes difficult to handle yourself. Even Bollywood has picturized lot of songs under rain to showcase romance between the lead pairs.

Q. Which is your favorite song picturized on rain?
A. I love listening to Main idhar, main udhar chalaÖfrom Koi Mil Gaya. Itís a very cute song.

Q. What do you generally dress up while moving out on a rainy day?
A. I only wear those dresses which are above my knees. I am happy that I stay in Mumbai where one gets the freedom to wear what he or she likes.

Q. Which dish do you cherish eating?
A. If itís raining heavily then I like to eat anything thatís hot. Especially I like to have soup and paneer pakoda.

Q. Any special memory relating to this season?
A. I still remember 26th July. Once I finished my shoot on that day and came out on the road I realized that it was raining heavily. Viewing the rains, I felt like having a shower in it but the next day when I learnt about the disaster, I felt very bad.

I also like to hear my mom scolding at me whenever I get wet in rains - Amruta Khanvilkar

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