Taliban shadow governor killed, claims Afghanistan

25 days ago | 26-02-2017 | IBNS

Kabul, Feb 26 : Afghanistan security forces have killed 21 militants, including Taliban's appointed governor for Urozgan province and a local commander, while conducting joined offensive operations, officials said on Sunday.

During the past 24 hour, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces conducted joined offensive operations in order to protect lives and properties of people also defeating the insurgents in different parts of the country that as a result, 21 insurgents including Talibans appointed governor for Urozgan province and a local commander killed , 23 wounded and 1 other arrested, Afghanistans Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

This joined operation of the Defense Security Forces was held by supporting of the artillery and air forces in Nangarhar ,Kapisa , Paktia , Ghanzni , Logar , Khost , Bamyan , Urozgan , Zabul , Baghlan and Helmand provinces.

During these operations, in Shah Mansoor and Saydan areas of Trinkot City, Talibans appointed governor for Urozgan (Shikh Hamza) killed.

In Tagab district of Kapisa , 4 insurgents killed and 3 wounded , in Waiz and Aband districts of Ghazni , 4 insurgents killed and 3 others wounded.4 insurgents killed and 4 other wounded in Dahana Ghori district of Baghlan.

Similarly, as a result of cleanup operation in Dehbala and Koot districts of Nangarhar , 2 insurgents killed and 5 wounded. In Zerok district of Paktia , 2 insurgents killed and 2 wounded , in Charkh district of Logar and Sabri district of Khost , 2 insurgents killed , 1 wounded , in Kuhmard district of Bamyan , a Taliban commander (Haji Abdullah) killed and 2 wounded , in Garmser and Sangen districts of Helmand , 1 insurgent killed and 3 wounded, read the statement.