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Now, judge your shape the 'alphabetisation' way

Posted on Jan 15 2014 | IANS

London, Jan 15 : Feeling glad at having figured out exactly which body shape you have while looking at filmstars or relating to apple, pear or hourglass? Better be prepared for a novel style -- "alphabetisation", the style of women in South Korea.

Showing the world a novel way, South Korean women are using "alphabetisation" or matching their bodies with certain letters to identify their shape, Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

It has been claimed that a weight-loss drink used the X waist in its marketing campaign in 2008 and it has taken off ever since.

The most desirable is the S-line -- ample breasts and buttocks when viewed from the side -- and the V-line -- a slim and oval face narrowing towards the chin.

There is also the X-line -- long legs and arms connected by a narrow waist, as well as the U-line -- which outlines the shape of a woman's back when she wears a low-cut dress.

While the D­-line denotes a pregnant or pregnant-looking stomach, B-line means a big bust and stomach while O-line stands for obese.

Alphabetisation is mainly reserved for women but men can be categorised as M-line for having a six-pack.

The alphabet code is big business in South Korean culture and singers and actresses often refer to their body lines.

The different body lines also feature on beauty products, drinks, lingerie, music and diet supplements.

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