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Oncologist dispels cancer myths

Posted on Feb 04 2014 | IBNS

By Neha Ghosh, Kolkata, Feb 3: Cancer treatment is still a problem because of many myths among masses including educated persons, said a noted oncologist here on the eve of World Cancer Day on Tuesday.

This is the prime cause of overall low rate of cancer cure in the country, at around 30 -40pc compared to 70-80pc in the western world, he said.

Oncologist Chanchal Goswami, at a press conference here on Monday spoke about the stigma when a person suffers with cancer and dispelled myths about cancer.

He said: "We need to dispel the myth that cancer is a death sentence. There are effective ways to prevent as well as detect cancers in the early stages. With healthy lifestyle and effective drugs it is now possible to live healthy and a normal life with cancer."

He added, "World Cancer Day is a chance to raise our voice for improving awareness about the disease and dismissing misconceptions about it."

"Generally the age group of people suffering from cancer is from forty to seventy, but the age does not differ because a 17 year old guy can also suffer from cancer and it totally depends on the condition of patients and from which cancer they are suffering from.

"Cancer is a group of diseases and all cancers are not treated alike. And junk food should not be consumed as it causes malfunction of the lungs," he said.

"It is essential to know that biopsy is mandatory before diagnosing cancer, and without it cancer treatment would not be proper. Certain cancers are only cured by surgeries."

According to a survey of World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco kills nearly 60,00,000 people a year of whom more than 50,00,000 are users and ex users and more than 6,00,000 are non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke.

He also pointed out that only awareness and positive attitude of masses towards medical care can improve the situation in the country and also treatment through chemotherapy can control the disease so that the patient can survive for a number of years.

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