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Science should be without monopoly: Omar

Posted on Feb 04 2014 | IBNS

Jammu, Feb 03 : Underscoring the need for synthesizing science, technology and innovation for maximum benefit to mankind, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said that implications of science should be universal and without any monopoly.

Addressing the 101st Indian Science Congress inaugurated by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh here in Jammu, the Chief Minister said that the human quests since millennia can be said to involve a pursuit to improve the human conditions and existence and push the frontiers of the minds and imagination towards the innovations and scientific growth as a natural concomitant and consequence of the quest.

He said that science and technology merge in the pursuit of knowledge and solutions to problems that require the application of scientific understanding.

"Solving technological problems demands scientific knowledge. While technology makes it possible to discover new scientific knowledge, both enjoy a symbiotic relation with each other. Trying into science and technology is innovation defined as something new and original that makes a mark in the society", he said adding that science, technology and innovations are having expanding effect in the daily lives of people and are omnipresent.

The Chief Minister said that he is in favour of open science which calls for liberal dissemination of knowledge. "Open science is more conducive to the rate of growth of society's stock of knowledge. I, therefore, call for an approach that aligns befitting returns from science and knowledge."

He said while the scientific quest is an elitist endeavour and enterprise, its diffusion and beneficiaries should be non-elitist. He said discoveries of science should be in public domain for the use of general people. "There should be no monopoly on the use of application of science, technology and implications," he said adding that while patents on innovations may give a sense of ownership to the innovation and science entrepreneur, the benefits of science should not be exclusive.

Omar Abdullah said that governments have a role to play to make innovative quests profitable. This, he said, could be done by encouraging research and development by subsidizing aspects involved in the process and by making innovation in science and technology as the centre piece of public policy.

"There is a role for markets as well. New knowledge and developments in science and technology can at times be best developed and diffused through markets," he said highlighting the need for an optimal policy-mix in the domain of innovations where both markets and governments have a role.

The Chief Minister said that India has been the cradle of science, technology and innovations and its contributions in these fields are well known. He said India and Indians are endowed with the creative impulse and the imagination required for making advances and innovations in science and technology. "Our country and countrymen also have great absorptive and synthesizing capacities. This is a special and a unique gift of great value in an age where time and space have compressed," he said, maintaining that India is blessed with open mind, tolerant attitude, curiosity and the creative impulse, and India can be a pioneer in innovation, science and technology.

The Chief Minister emphasized the need for a vigorous and robust framework, and the right environment for harnessing talent and directing it to the scientific quest in the country.

"The underlining motto and promises of this has to be inclusive, sustainable, equitable and dynamic growth of the country. This calls for an electric multi-pronged policy mix which nurtures the young scientific talent in the country and provides support to science, technology and innovation,", he said and called for creating laboratories and institutions with the motto of braking and penetrating the frontiers of knowledge, science and technology.

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