Kohima, May 27 UNI | 2 months ago

The North East India Forum Against Racism (NEIFAR) has called for the introduction of 'strict law against racial discrimination and ensure that there is rule of law so that faith in judiciary is reestablished.'

In a press statement today, NEIFAR convener David Boyes said in the backdrop of the molestation of a woman from Nagaland in Delhi by a lawyer on May 22 and the criminal intimidation and assault on the people of North East States is an attack having racial contours and calls for strict and immediate action by the judiciary and law enforcing agency to protect vulnerable groups.

This was followed by an assault launched by a mob of lawyers on other people of the North East who went to defend the victim on May 23 at Tis Hazari court in Delhi.

The NEIFAR stated, "the conduct of this lawyer and the mob of lawyers supporting him show not only scant regard for the judicial process, but also contempt of the Court."

It maintained that the judiciary and law administration should not tolerate the assault on a fellow advocate who was defending the victim which will 'deter and intimidate' victims from taking a legal recourse to crimes.

"If lawyers are not safe in the Courts, then it is a very poor reflection on the state of judicial administration. A few delinquent lawyers cannot be permitted to take law into their own hands and bypass the well-established judicial process," he said.

(Posted on 28-05-2014)