Bangalore, May 22 UNI | 2 months ago

Kannada litterateur and Jnanpith awardee U R Ananthmurthy, facing threats for his anti-Modi remarks, has started receiving 'moral support' from various quarters.

Even as 'NaMo Brigade', a supporter's group of the Prime Minister-elect have offered to change the date of one way ticket to Mr Murthy to facilitate his departure from India, Prof Ananthmurthy's house has turned into a fortress with a posse of policemen guarding the residence round-the-clock.

A group of writers held dharna outside Mr Murthy's residence in Dollar's Colony to express their solidarity against the intimidatory tactics of 'Sangh Parivar'. This is not first time that the communal forces were threatening somebody of his stature. An artist like M F Hussain too was attacked by these forces, Mr Marulasiddappa, a noted drama critic, who too was part of the campaign against the BJP in the recently-concluded Lok Sabha elections, said in a statement.

He said, 'it was time for secular forces to unite and fight communal forces and it was sad that the forces were using social media, letters, telephone and other modes of communication for the attack'.

Prof G K Govindrao, a writer turned actor, felt that the behaviour of the attackers showed they were unable to understand the import and meanings behind Mr Murthy's statement.

Film actress Jayamala, also a former member of Legislative Council, said continuous targeting of the writer only vindicated the apprehensions people had about his pursuers. 'Constitution allows freedom of speech for every citizen and any attempt to stifle it is highly condemnable,' she said.

Mr Murthy had threatened to leave the country if Modi were to become Prime Minister during the poll campaign, but later clarified that he had made the statement in the spur of the moment. He would continue to pursue with his views against Modi and his party as a citizen.

The octogenarian author happens to be Pro-Chancellor of the Central University Gulbarga.

(Posted on 23-05-2014)