Bangalore, May 22 UNI | 2 months ago

At a time when Prime Minister elect Narendra Modi has problems aplenty in forming his new cabinet, former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa has given him a relief by offering to work for the party in the state.

In his letter addressed to Mr Modi made available to the media, Mr Yeddyurappa said 'I voluntarily and wholeheartedly offer my willingness to work towards strengthening the party in Karnataka.'

This letter is viewed as Mr Yeddyurappa giving up his claim for the berth in Modi's cabinet in return for the responsibility to head the BJP in Karnataka. Things have been made easy for Mr Modi, who has played a key role in bringing Mr Yeddyurappa back into the BJP and dissolve his outfit Karnataka Janata Party which bagged ten per cent votes in last year's Assembly polls.

Although KJP did not win many Assembly seats, the party did really manage to hurt the BJP by restricting its numbers to 40 seats while the Congress managed to win a comfortable majority in the 224 member assembly.

In the Lok Sabha polls too, the former Chief Minister's clout among the masses was evident especially in Lingayat dominated areas. Personally, he himself won Shimoga seat by a huge margin of 3.7 lakh votes. MORE UNI MSP MCN VV SY NS1815 NNNN

Although technically nothing prevents Mr Yeddyurappa from claiming a berth in the Cabinet, the offer will make Mr Modi a relieved man in terms of his government making since the former Karnataka CM is yet to be absolved totally from the corruption cases faced by him in the court.

Mr Yeddyurappa recalling his meeting with Mr Modi after the results were announced said he was writing the letter with great sense of responsibility and humility subsequent to the interaction at Gujarat Bhavan and after listening to his address at Central Hall of the Parliament on Mr Modi being elected as the leader of BJP Parliamentary Party on May 20.

'I recollect the summary of our interaction during our personal meeting along with the other BJP Leaders of Karnataka at Gujarat Bhavan on May 18 wherein, you were pleased to express that Party's victory is mainly due to the wholehearted support of public at large including those of new voters, SC/ST, OBC, youth etc. You further expressed that, since the expectations and aspirations are too high across the country, at least few capable leaders must come forward to take the responsibility and work towards strengthening the party in their respective states', Mr Yeddyurappa said.

(Posted on 22-05-2014)