Hyderabad, May 21 UNI | 2 months ago

A large size national flag, measuring 30 x 20 feet, mounted on a 100 feet high mast pole, was today unfurled at the Air Force Academy, Dundigal here, to instil a sense of patriotism amongst the air warriors of Indian Air Force and among the citizens of the country.

The tri-colour is adequately illuminated with focus lamps to glow in the nights and can also be viewed from a far of distance.

The tri-colour, unlike on other occasions, will never be lowered at the sunset.

The Flag and the mast have been gifted by the Flag Foundation of India, New Delhi, an organisation that works towards promoting the spirit of nationalism and patriotism.

The Flag is made of knitted polyester fabric and is expected to withstand the intensity of the weather.

Mr Navin Jindal, President of Flag Foundation of India (FFI) and Air Marshal RG Burli, Vayu Sena Medal, Commandant, Air Force Academy, jointly unfurled the National Flag this morning amidst young flight cadets, air warriors, Army and Naval officers and civilians.

While unfurling, the National Flag was honoured with salute by IAF guards in ceremonial dress.

All personnel present on the occasion also saluted the Tri-colour. Earlier, the National Flag was taken through a march with full honour by 'Flag Toli' of air warriors and following the convention and ethos of Defence Forces, handed over to the Commandant, Air Force Academy.

Speaking on the occasion, Air Marshal RG Burli Vayu Sena Medal, Commandant, Air Force Academy said, 'Our national flag is the most powerful symbol of our identity, existence and triumph over untold adversities as a Nation'.

Mr Navin Jindal,in his address, said hoisting of National Flag makes us rise above all material affiliations and induces a sense of pride and love for the country.

(Posted on 22-05-2014)