Shimla, May 20 UNI | 2 months ago

The Himachal Pradesh State Secretariat of the Communist Party of India Marxist (CPI-M) has asked the state government to immediately remove the Vice Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) ADN Bajpai and till the time a new VC is appointed, the charge may be handed over to the education secretary.

In a statement here today, party State Secretariat Member Tikender Singh Panwar said the term of the present Vice-Chancellor will be completed on May 24 2014.

The CPI (M) does not want to evaluate the period of the Vice-Chancellor but would like to state that his case has been of complete self appreciation and the entire machinery of the University was used for that.

Mr Panwar said the party has condemned the statement of the Prof Bajpai where he has targeted the CPI (M) demanding his resignation as wrong.

A political party like CPI (M) has every right to question the action of a person who is heading any institution and at the same time the VC must know that he has no business to dictate what a political party must do and not, he said, adding it needs to be brought to light that the university is meant to bloom many ideas and ideologies but instead the VC intends to unicode everything with his Sangh parivar ideology.

Mr PanwarHe said it is completely erroneous the same students and their leadership who are leading this movement for his ouster are the ones who have excelled in qualifying the competitive exams as well and added that it is a strange phenomenon where 'all that is bad is their onus and all that is good is due to my ability'.

The CPI (M) has asked the Congress party to explain its position over the mess that has been created in the state to which the present VC is responsible.

While listing his achievements, Mr Panwar even went on to say that the University road has been named as Gyan Path but deliberately hid certain facts that the RUSA being implemented in the state has been detrimental in the interests of the students.

The results have still not been declared, the syllabus has not been covered, and the even session could not have 30 days teaching.

He said the party has further asked the government to ensure that the credentials of the VC are verified before appointment and added that the present case shows the complete hoodwinking where facts were hidden and a person who was terminated as VC because of corruption charges was appointed.

Further it has also come to light that there are corruption cases still pending against the VC and faces a case with Lokayukta in Madhya Pradesh. Such characters who have a record that is blemished needs to be refrained from academic institutions, Mr Panwar Said.

(Posted on 21-05-2014)