Shahjahanpur, May 18 UNI | 2 months ago

People looted over one quintal of silver ornaments from a car when it overturned near Titiariya village in the district here today.

Police sources said two people were going to Lucknow from Agra carrying around 2.5 quintal of silver ornaments in a car but the vehicle overturned and fell into a roadside ditch.

People when rushed to save the two people they found that huge number of silver ornaments were scattered near the spot. The villagers started collecting the ornaments while rescuing the two people struck inside the car.

Police also rushed and they too joined the people in looting the silver ornaments.

Later, they both were brought out of the car but they left the spot in another car in a hurry along with just around one and a half quintal of silver ornaments.

Sources said the silver ornaments could have been smuggled items for which the two people, who sustained minor injuries did not report to the police about the loot.

(Posted on 18-05-2014)