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Israel not surprised over Iranian n-capability claims

Posted on May 16 2014 | IANS

Jerusalem, May 16 : Israel is not surprised at a UN report claiming Iran is pursing ballistic missile capabilities, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Friday told visiting US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel.

"I wasn't surprised by the UN report and I'm sure you weren't," Xinhua quoted Netanyahu as saying at a briefing along with Hagel before their meeting here.

The UN report, based on the findings of a panel of experts, charged that Iran has slowed down significantly its attempts to procure illicit materials for its nuclear programme. However, the report didn't say that Iran has halted expansion of its missile program.

Netanyahu said that the P5+1 countries must follow a "clear and determinate" policy which would prevent Iran from attaining the ability to create nuclear weapons.

For his part, Hage assured Netanyahu that the US would do whatever it takes to prevent Iran from reaching nuclear capabilities.

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